History confirms that evolution is the best strategy for people who live, work and are future oriented.

In this context, Qualitas Commercialisti Associati borns.

Reality with a new brand but strongly linked to traditional professional values, inheritor of an important historical background even if future oriented, Qualitas expresses the quality value in its wider meaning:

-seriousness and punctuality in our professional activity;

-transparency, innovation and demonstrated moral endowments in managing current and potential customers’ relationships and needs;

-open-mindedness and exchange in managing relationships with third parties and Institutions which are often present in our professional activities, all focused on the excellence of a dynamic process with a continuous improvement of proposed solutions.

“Excellence is not an accomplishment. It is a spirit, a never ending process" (Laurence M. Miller)

Qualitas brand was born on the 1st January 2012 but the association continues the Studio Campidori Commercialisti & Associati’s historical activity. Studio Campidori has been well-known as an Association in the Lecco area since 1983 and in the centre of Milan for over 10 years.

Our successful tools are past and future union, mature and on-training professional skills integration, daily working excellence, the willingness to face new challenges shown by entrepreneurial and professional activity evolution.

The association enters a new era with brighter and younger professional resources but also with characteristic qualities and ethics born out of its historical activity.

Qualitas aims to improve the integration between quality, structure, team working and professional figures’ skills in a background where these figures, by their participation, support the quality project expressed with the brand.

At national level, associates have always cooperated with Institutions, Consiglio Nazionale Dottori Commercialisti ed Esperti Contabili (National Council) and associations representing categories and entrepreneurs in order to always meet, in a complete and innovative way, the client's requirements and needs.

Our organisation collaborates with various foreign professional associations, allowing us to share important international experiences.

Along with our associates, we also have a team of over 30 highly trained, qualified staff who cooperate with the association. Most of them are graduates and some of them are Certificated Public Accountants or have many years experience in this sector.